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Lyubertsy, Moscow region


Breeder: Akimova Natalia



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Welcome to the website of Munchkin cats!

Our cattery is engaged in professional cultivation of cats of breed the Munchkin. Munchkin is love at first sight. These cats are gentle, sociable and very intelligent. They are not obtrusive, but always near the owner. Companion cat-perhaps this is just about Munchkins. They like to walk on a harness, like a dog, and easily make friends with any Pets and other cats. They are absolutely not complex because of their small stature. Easy to get acquainted with new people and new premises. It is a tireless ally in games with children. A cat that remains a kitten until old age and is completely devoid of aggression. Even on such short legs, Munchkins do not look clumsy, but have a special grace. Their "mincing" gait resembles the movement of stoats and weasels.
The Munchkins are indefatigable climbers and bold jumpers. Of course, they can not jump as high as their long-legged counterparts, but they show wonders of dexterity, climbing stairs, bars, turning in the air with unexpected grace.
Currently, the breed is developing and becoming more popular.
We strive to get healthy offspring. We are also working on improving and preserving the breed type that meets the breed standard.
I would like to add that all the animals of the nursery are not cellular, socially adapted, healthy and well-groomed.
You can buy a Munchkin cat in our cattery Puzzle-Enjoy. The cattery is located in Lyubertsy, Moscow region. Our cattery is officially registered in WCF on 25.06.2013 at the felinological club " Roscosh" in Moscow.
Thank you for your interest in this charming cat breed.
Munchkin can become Your wonderful pet

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